Mount Pamitinan Day Hike

Where will your P600 take you? 😀

The Unfriended Zone

If maturity is as easy as growing bean sprouts, the world would be so much better, and unfriending someone who was just enjoying social media, would be unnecessary.

“Ang Batanes, ine-experience, hindi ginu-Google.”

One of the smallest islands in the Philippines, Batanes is a traveler’s dream destination. With the lush green meadows and the breathtaking view of the sea and the neighboring islands, it’s definitely paradise.

August Rush: The Bella Swan Jump Day

I was not able to see the Maria Cristina Falls, but I got to see not just one, but a hundred different islands. Okay, I never really counted all of them, but yes, our little group instead went to an unplanned trip to Hundred Islands.

Iloilo City: La Ciudad del Amor

The genuine smiles of Ilonggos on a typical Sunday morning, despite the endless routinary activities were enough to tell that though life may be simple in the province, it’s the kind of simple where all you need is a sprinkle of love–love of the people you’re with, and love of the things you do–to get by.

The Day ZestAir Lost Its Zest

zest /zest/ Noun – a) Great enthusiasm and energy; a quality of excitement and piquancy. b) The outermost part of the rind of an orange, lemon, or other citrus fruit, used as flavoring. c) Spirited enjoyment; gusto: Synonyms–relish – gusto – savour – savor